Hand Therapy Week – Rehab Minder Style!

Make sure you make the most of Rehab Minder Premium Version being free for all of June 2017.  Get your patients going!

Head to the App Store, select the premium version and no one pays anything.

Let me tell you about how I use it with my patients…

When I am seeing someone for the first time and compiling the referral data and my own assessment, I then summarise it back to the patient. Before I start on any treatment I say, “I will be doing xxxxx today and I will be teaching you your exercises to do at home.  What is the best way for you to remember these exercises?” And I give them the option of the app, written instructions or verbal.

This sets the expectation that the patient is responsible for their rehabilitation. I tell them how to install it and then I might start making the splint so by the time we get to their home program, the app is ready to go.

The benefits are obvious – reminders, animated photography showing the desired exercises,  and most importantly, engagement with their home program.

I use it with new patients from day 1 with the free AROM giving them Tendon Gliding Exercises, but I will also use it when we need a change of direction – there is ongoing swelling and we need to practice diaphragmatic breathing; there is a splint that isn’t getting worn enough so we write in the reminder; we need to start a stabilising program which is quite specific.

Trouble shooting tips.

  • Does the patient know their Apple ID password? Good idea to check.
  • If using an iPad, change the search to ‘iPhone Apps.’
  • An iPhone that hasn’t had the software updated can cause the app to have errors (eg. images missing). Simply go to the phone Settings and install the latest update.

Does it make a difference?

I usually find that after my patients have used it for a week we can reduce the amount of notifications because the patient has established a good routine. That’s good enough for me!