Keep rehabilitation on track with Rehab Minder and TrackActive.

Rehab Minder content now available on TrackActive.

All the hand and upper limb exercises in Rehab Minder are now available on web based app TrackActive.  Head to to have a look at the features and how it can benefit your clinic and your patients.

What is the difference?

Rehab Minder is an iOS native app meaning the patient can install it if they have an iPhone or iPad. TrackActive is a web based app that the clinic subscribes to. The therapist can create their own exercise programs from the hand therapy and physical therapy content or add their own. The customised program is provided to the patient in their choice of print out, email, or app on any platform of smartphone.


Everyone needs a prompt! In Rehab Minder iOS app the therapist sets the reminder frequency. With TrackActive apps, the patient sets the time for the next reminder. Both apps still set up good patient habits.

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Getting started.

Head to Rehab Minder on TrackActive to set up a free 30 day trial straight away.

You will have access to all the Physiotherapy content of TrackActive and all the specialist H&UL content of Rehab Minder and start using it in you clinic immediately.

Now more options.

Both Rehab Minder and TrackActive Teams know what therapists want from exercise prescription software because of our own clinical experience, research, and consumer feedback. As technology advances so does the capabilities of our products.

Smarter clinic, smarter patients.

TrackActive home programs are customised by you. They are branded to your clinic and can be provided  to the patient quickly and efficiently. If the patient is using the TrackActive App there is the option of collecting symptom data and recording adherence. Overall, it should enhance the therapists’ interaction and patient outcomes of treatment.

The Team Behind Rehab Minder

Carmel Bain
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Carmel Bain

BAppSc (OT), Director

Carmel is the driving force behind Rehab Minder. She has specialised in hand therapy for more than 14 years in both private practice and at a tertiary public hospital. Rehab Minder was born out of her own experience of finding it difficult to superimpose a therapy program over an already busy life.

Farida Littlemore
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Farida Littlemore

BAppSc (OT), M.Sc (Hand & Upper Limb), Tester

With all her years of experience, research, presentations at a national level, and clinic manager roles, Farida generously tests the app until it is perfect.

Angela Chew
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Angela Chew

BAppSc (OT), M.Clin.Sc (Hand& UL), Content

Angela is extremely capable of balancing her university lecturing (Edith Cowan University, Western Australia), clinical work and researching content for the app.

  • Great app - 5 stars! Getting this app [is] like having a full time therapist with me 24/7. Very useful and helpful. Thx for developing such great app

Frequently Asked Questions

of Rehab Minder iOS App

Does a hand practitioner need to set it up?

Yes. All therapy must be under the guidance of a surgeon, occupational therapist or physical therapist. As with any therapy home program the exercises should be re-evaluated at each consultation with the hand practitioner.  The app is not a substitute for attending therapy consultations.

I’m a therapist.  How do I set up a program?

You do not need any subscription for Rehab Minder. It is installed by the patient onto their own phone. From the home screen, select Programs and Add an Injury. Select the best description for the injury (e.g. Ring Finger and Extensor Tendon Injury – Mallet). This will generate a short list of exercises to choose from that are relevant to this injury description. After making the selection from the short list, the next menu allows you to choose exercises from the entire database and the option to write notes specifically for your patient (e.g. splint wearing instructions). Next is the Edit menu if you want to change the default settings of the exercises (e.g. frequency of notification, repetitions, weight, duration hold).

Don’t forget! Send yourself a copy of the program you have set up for your own documentation. Go to Settings and email a summary of the program.

What are the statistics collected?

Every time an exercise is viewed it is logged and displayed in a graph. This is for the benefit of the patient to review if they are on track with the frequency of their home exercises.

Is Rehab Minder available on Android devices?

Yes! Our partnership with TrackActive means that you can email, print or send to a patient app on iOS and Android. To trial the H&UL content on your own TrackActive account click here for the details.

How do I use Rehab Minder iOS with my hand therapy patients?

  1. Be familiar with it.  The exercise databases are ordered distal to proximal, radial to ulnar (as alphabetical order would be too confusing).  Exercises will be displayed to the patient in the following order: Written Note 1, Non-exercise Therapy, Passive ROM, Assisted ROM, Active ROM, Resisted Exercises, Written Note 2.
  2. Print off posters for your clinic here in 3 sizes: A4, A5, and D5.
  3. Offer it to patients as an alternative to paper handouts.

If you want to take a look at our literature review published in the Australian Hand Therapy Association Newsletter titled ‘Adherence to Hand Therapy and the Evidence for mHealth’ click on the link.

I’ve still got a question to ask…

We want to provide a valuable resource to the hand therapy practitioner and help patients get the best outcomes from their therapy.  Contact us via this website or at with any queries on how to get the most out of the RM app.  If you want to review the Terms & Conditions of use then click on the link.

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