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Keeping Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation on Track With Comprehensive Exercise Software


We know that good outcomes from a hand and upper limb condition is the combination of the treating team and the hard work done by the patient in a home program.

The team at Rehab Minder recognised how hard it can be for patients to adhere to a home program so in 2012 we started building the first app specifically to prompt and guide hand therapy patients.

Fast forward to 2017 >> Rehab Minder partnered with TrackActive Pro exercise prescription and outcome measure software for the capability to put specialist hand and upper limb content onto a cloud-based platform that the practitioner and patient can securely communicate on.

Now you can have the most comprehensive hand therapy software currently available for clinics through TrackActive Pro.

Rehab Minder iOS App

The original app is still available and free to download from the App Store for your iOS device however we no longer update the content on the app.

TrackActive Pro With Rehab Minder Content

The extensive hand and upper limb content is available on TrackActive Pro. The Rehab Minder module is provided on request by registered physiotherapists and occupational therapists who practice hand therapy.


Secure Documentation

Prescribed home programs and patient-reported outcome measures (PROM’s) are all sent and recorded within the clinics’ own account.

Any exercises created or edited are only seen by your clinic team. Each practitioner has their own password protected login.

TrackActive Pro is compliant with privacy regulations in the UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa and Canada.

Electronic Outcome Measures

We have curated a range of outcome measures including the Patient Specific Functional Scale (Stratford et al, 1995), regional measures (including DASH by Hudak et al, 1996, and ULFI by Gabel, 2006), and site-specific measures (eg. PRWHE by MacDermid updated 2019).

All licences have been obtained by TrackActive Pro where required.

Retain Your Clinics’ Brand

Your clinic logo and contact details are on the home program PDF that can be printed out or provided to the patient via email.

Alternatively, patients can set up their own username and password to view their program on the free TrackActive Pro app or website with your clinic contact details.

Efficient Workflow

Therapists can prescribe programs from templates or create personalised programs from the battery of over 400 hand, wrist and elbow exercises.

Need more exercises? No problem! Keyword search and select from the TrackActive whole body content or create exercises on the spot. Use tools such as favourite, copy, edit and archive to keep your database just the way you want it.

Improve HEP Adherence

We know that patients can at times become overwhelmed with information by their treating team . This can be difficult to then recall and execute home therapy correctly. With electronic exercise prescription your patients are no longer relying on just verbal instruction or paper-based programs, but can access their program anywhere in a format that works best for them.

Evidence-based Exercises

Exercises are continually updated in response to publications in journals such as The Journal of Hand Therapy and Hand Therapy.

In 2021 we partnered with Curtin University in Perth, Australia, to update the protocols for flexor tendon repairs and also presented at the British Association for Hand Therapy Annual Conference on adherence to hand therapy and electronic exercise prescription.  


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